Fusion Free standing

Fusion Free standing

Fusion Free standing


Fusion Free standing

Pool Treadmill
The FUSION Free Standing is a simple solution to convert a pool into a hydrotherapy treadmill facility. This system can be installed in existing, new and specialist pools. The addition of a free standing treadmill dramatically expands the functions of a pool to incorporate the advantages of upright hydrotherapy. Great for basic rehabilitation, or for improving mobility, fitness, confidence and wellbeing.

FUSION treadmills are user friendly addition to any pool. These assistive treadmills are versatile, accommodating users at various speeds, making them beneficial for athletes, elderly individuals, and those facing disadvantages. With the ability to be installed in multiple locations within a single pool, they seamlessly fit into any aquatic environment.


Speeds ranging from 0.2 – 10kph

Touch screen poolside interface

Remote control for speed

Enhanced treadmill system monitoring

Pre-set treadmill speeds

Stainless steel construction

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